You want to be PRESENT because you have something amazing to share with the world.

Something that will have impact on your immediate community. You aspire for that thing. To have global impact. I’m with you! It’s been my purpose since I can remember.

Wanting to be present is not enough. You need to be present in order to have that impact.

Trust me. I’ve been there!

However, I didn’t always know this. I spent my early years in establishing my business without knowing or appreciating the value in branding. It was through long-term efforts — efforts I felt should have close to immediate ROI — I finally realized I was missing strong branding. I had this great idea and it was branded, but it wasn’t intentional. And I’m here to tell you that intentional branding is the difference between a here today/gone tomorrow” and a strong, impactful brand. Think Kleenex, Nike, Burt’s Bees, Volvo, National Geographic, etc.. You get the picture!

You’re here because you know branding is important but you just don’t know where to start, how it works, what it means or how it can help your product or business.

My mission with The Beehive Collective’s mission is to help you accomplish your goals in a far more efficient and effective way, making your journey less stressful and confusing that mine was early on. I honestly want you to learn from my missteps.

Branding excites me. I get it now. I’ve done the hard work and finally implemented key components and strategies which ushered the evolution of the brand I know stand on.

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5 Ways Intentional Branding Can Change Your Game!

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Intentional branding is paramount to turning up your brand development and strategy. It’s a process that requires applying key concepts. I’m excited to share with you 5 elements that have worked for me (and my clients + colleagues) and ones I still apply to everything I do in the public space. Are you ready to be intentional with your branding?

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Bren is a media personality and TV contributor, author, writer and food+travel lifestylist