Point B! Intentional Brand Development

(Personal + Professional)

Intentional branding that positions you into a marketable business.

You have an amazing product, story, skillset and talent,

but you have no idea what it takes to be visually or physically present. You don’t know what being present sounds or looks like. You simply know you have something powerful and worthy to share with the masses but you aren’t maximizing the resources already in place.

Maybe you are somewhat visible but it’s not enough. You’ve got one foot in the door and unsure what’s keeping the other from joining you. You realize you need both feet in to continue building and growing.

I am your peer and colleague who understands what you’re trying to do. What you need to do.

I’ve been there. I experienced ebbs and flow in my brand development and presence. I didn’t always get how to leverage my skill set into a solid image that spoke to my audience but also represented me in the most authentic way.

Brand authenticity is a core value you need to understand and deliver on.

One thing I always knew and had clarity on was my message. I’ve always known what I want you know about me, at a minimum. What I represent. That has been key in building and sustaining everything else.

If you fit any of the following example profiles, Point B! Personal and Professional Branding is for you!

You’re a star chef

Point B!

You’re a star chef and want to share your cooking skills and creations with the world outside of your restaurant, your private diners or your friends. You want to partner up brands and maybe even be a spokesperson.

You’re an interior designer

Point B!

You’re an interior designer with a keen eye for everyone else’s beautifully designed life and space except for yours.

You’re a Blogger

Point B!

You’re a young (not new) blogger or influencer and want to go all the way in… you want to get in front of brands for collaborations but have no clue what do do, who to connect with, etc.

You’re a visual artist

Point B!

You’re a visual artist with a home studio full of your amazing pieces but few outside of your friends, family and immediate artist circle know that you have it in you to paint Mr. & Mrs. Obama’s portrait. You need to figure all out because small exhibits here and there will forever keep your home studio full.

You’re a public figure

Point B!

You’re a public figure (i.e., speaker, political commentator, etc.) on some level but need to stand out more. You don’t have a clear message or story with which others will resonate. You want to cultivate an audience outside of your existing base but need to develop that bigger public persona that will grow your audience and create more opportunities.

Specifically designed for Influencers, Media Personalities, Creatives, and Public Figures

I understand the importance and power of strong presence that connects to a targeted market. Knowing how to speak to and engage with your audience is key to retaining them into faithful fans, followers and paying customers or clients, depending on your goal.

More importantly, it’s key to garnering the attention and business of brands with which you’d like to work.

I’ve been doing this for years and know how to get your audience to stay with you. How to get a brand inquiry for strong collaboration.


Having a clear and strong brand is the key to sustaining relevance, visibility and clients.

If you’ve read this far down, you’re here to win! You are ready to build and cultivate your stand-out brand in an efficient, productive and exciting way. You are ready to be intentional about how your brand yourself or your business. You are ready to see and live with the new public you!

I’m going to help you!

Point A.

Point A is wherever you are in your process. No matter how small, inexperienced, novel or even well in the game, your starting point is unique to you. We always start from where you are. Sometimes we may have to take a step back in order to regain momentum, but we will always be moving in the direction of Point B!.

I have FOUR pillars of branding that will get us to your end goal. These are the four key elements a strong brand has at all times. There’s a process to identifying and achieving the four areas. You and I will do that together.

  1. Identify your brand niche and brand voice
  2. Establish and help design your visual brand
  3. Perfect your brand image with all the necessary creative assets
  4. Brand presence activiation

Each one of those pillars requires tested and creative work. Together we will identify, cultivate, build, expand on, perfect and finally have primed you to be very present.

Point B!

This is the public you.

The strong brand you’ve been wanting to develop and present but didn’t understand the “how.”

The brand with a strong and palpable message and voice that will resonate with your audience and beyond.

It’s the marketable you.

The present you!

You are here!

The HIVE has exactly what you need!

So what next? My Point B! Branding Experience offers you the following tools, at minimum:

  • You will learn the top 10 mistakes to avoid when branding yourself or product.
  • You will get to ask questions and get the answers you’ve not been able to find.
  • You will understand the tangible assets and creatives you need to support your brand.
  • You will learn how to identify your audience and how to speak to them.
  • You will start practicing your elevator pitch.
  • You will outline your brand identity for me to review with strong and effective critique.
  • You will walk away with crystal clear brand identity, knowing exactly what your global message is.
  • You will be intentionally branded and ready to be present.

I’m here to help you in one of two ways:

LIVE! Masterclass Video Course

This is my VIP program for you — my LIVE! Masterclass. This is an 8 Week Course that offers you the best setting if you want to have a LIVE! experience. Think of it as a virtual classroom.

I have curated a tried and true curriculum that I will teach LIVE! Once a week for the next two months you and I along with your classmates will have class together where we spend a little over an hour working together through the material. You will always have the best information available to you to be prepared before class and leave anxious for our next class.

1:1 Hive Experience

Read about the 1:1 Hive Experience if you want custom brand development and consultation.

Either style and approach is going to yield the best brand persona you have in you! I am here to help and see you thrive!


BECOME A STRONG + Present Brand

Personal Branding

LIVE! Online Masterclass Course


(Limited time, introductory price)

  • Professionally and purposefully curated 8-week, LIVE! program
  • Intentionally designed curriculum starting at your Point A and finishing at your Point B!
  • Lifetime access to pre-recorded webinars, videos, including any updates rolled out.
  • Worksheets and assignments for each session to be completed in advance and reviewed together.
  • Free access to additional webinars on branding, whether fee-based or free.
  • Membership to the Beehive Collective VIP Facebook group where other Hive members and experts share relevant and useful information.
  • LIVE! weekly Q/A with Bren in the Beehive Collective Facebook group.
  • Weekly online chat with other classmates.

($15,000 market value)

And more!

*Price subject to change without any advance notice.

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What are others saying about Point B! Intentional Branding

Giangi Townsend, Founder and Blogger at Giangi’s Kitchen

Where to start!! I have been following Bren for quite a few years now and always admired her tenacity and spirit. As I was struggling with my own on-line identity and, let’s face it, focus, I ran across one of Bren’s posts that she was offering a free webinar.  I did not need to be told twice, I jump in. Amazing!!! The knowledge, the advice that she shared with all of us, all made sense. It really gave me a better perspective on how I wanted to tie everything thing that I do all under one umbrella. Where my focus needed to be… a lot to think about and how to prioritize it all.


Last December I did a Brens Espresso Instagram training. I wish I would have done it sooner. Bren worked with me by analyzing my Instagram account and what really needed to be done to make it more appealing, exciting, engaging and stimulate interest on what I am offering.

She helped me establish a consistent online presence. A presence with directive, focus.  Interacting and gearing all my attention to my audience while they also get to know the person behind Giangi’s Kitchen. Strategized on a couple of events ~ Lunar New Year and 9 Blogging anniversary ~ and how to grow a strong loyal following. Bren set up some hard work guidelines for me however the results are outstanding and paying off. My presence is stronger. My following loyal. My growth is consistent and steady. And I am having a great time interacting with my followers.

 Maria de los Angeles Maria de los Angeles – Writer and Yoga Instructor

I recently had the pleasure of working with Bren on updating my brand to reflect a new phase of my life. Even though we’ve both been digital publishers (bloggers) for years, and I already had copious social media experience and capital, working with Bren offered me a fresh pair of eyes as well as creative wisdom. Bren helped me with groundwork from which I could still organically create a reboot of me as a wholly authentic brand. Workshopping these details step-by-step with her was invaluable! I highly recommend Bren’s one-on-one teaching from novice to established pro who needs a pair of expert eyes. You’ll enjoy her warm, engaging personality, and learn a great deal from a multi-talented person who’s followed her passions.

Vicky Ayala

Vicky Ayala – Brand Strategist & Visual Storyteller

“As a seasoned entrepreneur I thought I had my brand message clearly defined. I was passionate, skilled, and always on the constant hustle. One session with Bren made me realize that there is always room for improvement. In reality, my brand message wasn’t as clearly defined as I thought it was and she provided the structure and guidance to help me identify how to articulate who I am and what I do. Her expertise with media training gave me the confidence that I can also represent my brand and business with conviction. If you are building a brand around who you are then you need to get the support from someone who’s been in the game for over 10 years! The entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve and Bren’s on top of latest trends and strategies. She knows what works for you no matter where you are in the brand development phase. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Stacia Wright – Event Production Company Owner and Radio Show Host

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bren on several of her projects and events, including TV viewings and appearances, all of which require a strong brand presence. She’s helped me better understand the importance of brand identity and clarity like I’ve not seen before. She knows her brand extremely well and brings it to life every time in an elegant yet passionate way. She is authenticity personified to the point that you walk away calling her “B” after your first meeting. Bren has definitely inspired me to reevaluate my personal and business  brand identity and presence as someone who works in and around the media and event industry. I’m excited to have her help me better articulate my brand message in a way that I know my clients and prospects will understand and connect to!”

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