Point B! Media Training: Becoming a Media Personality

If you’ve seen my on-air work, you will probably agree I love to talk… especially with my hands. I love telling stories. I love taking you to place you’ve never been to. I love inviting you to try something new. I always want to inspire you to think outside of your existing box. My goal is always to present information that will make your life a bit more delicious, aware, and exciting. I want you to leave with something to think about. I want the audience to come back.

It takes practice. A lot of practice for some.

The camera can be intimidating for some. I get it.

Live TV is serious business. You only have THAT moment to connect with your audience and keep them engaged. There are no redos. No pause and “Let’s start over”.

We’ve seen it.

Steve Harvey’s Miss America crown slip up. Even he – a seasoned professional – has had moments where he couldn’t redo it.

You have one shot.

Being in front and present is very natural for Bren, which she leverages to deliver her message in an energetic and captivating way. More importantly, she delivers in a way that She wants to personally teach you what it takes to be a strong storyteller whether in the digital space or on camera, in front of millions of people.

The HIVE has exactly what you need!

Watch below a fast-paced live segment on the TODAY show, where I found out only minutes before that J.Lo was going to join us. Notice how I manage interacting with 4 other lively people, while succinctly sharing the key information and still engaging them and moving the segment along.

This could be you!




1:1 Hive Experience

VIP Beehive Full Studio Day

Comprehensive and intentional media training for new & existing on-air talent


Professional + Private Intensive with Bren + Friends

What Our Day Will Look Like

  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Consultation: Goal planning
  • The Hard Work: inventory, analysis/assessment
  • Lunch
  • The Hive Work: Mock presentation with Bren
  • Breakout session with Guest Expert
  • The Hive Work: 2nd Mock presentation with Guest Expert
  • Review + Assessment
  • Execute plan of action or assign additional at-home study

Half Studio Day

Espresso Media Hit Training. Condensed and effective media training to prepare you for your first on-air appearance.


Professional + Private Intensive with Bren + Friends

During our half-day, we will cover the basics and more. This is more suited for those individuals with very little camera experiences and have a pressing appearance they need to prepare for. We will work very intensely to prepare you adn set you up with confidence and an approach that will work for you. You will get a call back, guaranteed.*

What Our Day Will Look Like

  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Consultation: Goal planning
  • The Hard Work: inventory, analysis/assessment
  • The Hive Work: Mock presentation
  • Review + Assessment
  • Execute plan of action or assign additional at-home study


Personal Branding

During Your VIP Hive Studio Day We Will

(Strategy Mapping, Intense Training with Breaks, Guest Experts Breakout Sessions — Think of ‘The Voice’ mentor session)

  • Map out and calendar your media goals
  • Exclusive customized media strategy session
  • We will go over and study everything the 8-week session offers
  • We will break for lunch
  • Intense On-Camera Mocks with Seasoned and VIP Current News Anchors and Media Personalities to Help Hone in Your Skills and Become an Exciting On air Personality
  • Execute your media goals ON TIME under budget & within this calendar year.

This private and customized day class will be designed specifically to your needs in perfecting your skills as an aspiring and professional on-air guest or host.

You will LEARN how to

  • Become A Master On Camera Guest or Host
  • Conduct Effective Interviews
  • Understand Dynamic Presence + Storytelling
  • On-Camera Storytelling Techniques
  • Use Social Media Platforms as Great Practice Tools (live streaming: FB and Insta; Insta Stories)

  • Identify and practice using your best on camera assets (when and how to use them)

  • Leverage Media Exposure

  • Produce a Beautiful and Marketable Media Talent Reel That is Right for You

This VIP, 1:1 Training Course will prepare you for the Next Level of your TV Personality Career

Lights, Camera, Action!

You, Bren + Friends = Present You!


* Clicking this link will direct you to our short application form. It will help me understand you and your needs before our 1:1 Experience.

You are under NO obligation to purchase either package if you apply. Your information is confidential and will never be shared.*

Extra Honey

ONE 30-Minute Pre-Studio Day Skype Session (Of 1st Appearance)

(3) 60-MINUTE MONTHLY FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (once a month, for 3 months) via phone or Skype.



Producer and Television Executive

Nick Chiles

Writer and Author

You have it!  You got it!  Let’s do it!

Live Workshop

Masterclass Video Course

masterclasses coming soon

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What Others are Saying About Point B! Media Training

Vicky Ayala - Brand Strategist & Visual Storyteller

Vicky Ayala

“As a seasoned entrepreneur I thought I had my brand message clearly defined. I was passionate, skilled, and always on the constant hustle. One session with Bren made me realize that there is always room for improvement. In reality, my brand message wasn’t as clearly defined as I thought it was and she provided the structure and guidance to help me identify how to articulate who I am and what I do. Her expertise with media training gave me the confidence that I can also represent my brand and business with conviction. If you are building a brand around who you are then you need to get the support from someone who’s been in the game for over 10 years! The entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve and Bren’s on top of latest trends and strategies. She knows what works for you no matter where you are in the brand development phase. I can’t recommend her enough!”