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Welcome to the Beehive Collective! I’m Bren Herrera, a passionate entrepreneur  and artist who took a huge leap of faith over a decade ago and decided to chase my wildest dreams.  A successful run in corporate law gave me the business acumen, tools, and confidence to step out on my own to create and build the brand and life I wanted to enjoy. I wanted to live more purposefully; beyond meeting billable hours that were making someone else a lot more money.

I wanted to work on my terms, on my time, and on the themes of life that inspire me while allowing me to contribute to humankind and have tremendous impact for the greater good.

13 years later, I’m here to tell you that you can do it, too. It’s hard work, but it’s doable with the right tools, assets, information and strategy.

I created the Beehive Collective with the goal and purpose to help you or your organization get to your meaningful place in an efficient way– avoiding the mistakes I made– while enjoying the victories from which I still benefit. The idea is to work smarter, not harder. To work with intentionality.

My areas of expertise are rooted in the arts/entertainment and lifestyle space but also go into very niche lanes requiring certain skills and resources. While my hyper-creative personality and spirit would love to show and teach you everything I’ve learned, I’ve narrowed my strengths to three areas that I focus on teaching and consulting.

I’m so excited to help you be intentional about your message to the world.

What is the Beehive Collective?

The Beehive Collective is double-winged concept. 


It’s a creative workspace designed with digital and live masterclasses, workshops and 1:1 experiences for emerging influencers (food, travel, lifestyle & advocacy), media personalities, entrepreneurs, and those looking to understand how to position and market themselves into a strong, visible brand.

It also serves as a consulting firm for individuals and organizations needing strategic brand development or media training for employees. 

Whether you are new to personal branding and have an existing business or product that needs a strong digital and broadcast presence, or looking for on-air opportunities and need media training, the Collective offers hyper-focused curriculums and teaching and consulting styles that will get you from Point A to Point B!, intentionally, effectively, and efficiently.

Here at the Collective, you’ll be part of your new hive tribe with other like-minded individuals who want to gain understanding, knowledge and are ready and willing to do the work to be out in front and buzzing.

Our corporate consulting services are designed for existing businesses whose needs are baseline and are ready to exponentially grow through a streamlined yet elaborate process that will also take your company from point A to point B!.

What The Hive Has For You

Why Bren and the Beehive Collective?


Great Question!

Truth is, yes, there are thousands of talented teachers, coaches, and consultants teaching a specific portion of the population how to chase your dreams, how to live your best life and how to do it from the comfort of your own home. However, the approach I’ve taken is different and unique.

I’ve done the work. I’ve tested the approaches. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve branded, rebranded, and still successfully sustain my digital and broadcast presence.

This isn’t a collection of data and information I’ve gathered from others’ methods. 

This is tried and true material and work I’ve personally done and measured.

With over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur in the areas of culinary, lifestyle, editorial, and broadcast media, I’ve worked relentlessly to become a proven and seasoned expert. I’ve amassed information and assets which I’ve bundled into a widely diverse set of skills and capabilities that can help you on your journey to achieving your goals.

I know the nuanced process. The minuscule details no one tells you matter but actually make a huge difference.

Whether just getting started, are in the process of growing, or need additional resources and guidance to take it to the next level, the hive will make the experience sweet as flan.

Trust me. I know this. And I want to help you grow and thrive in what you’re purposed for.

Point A to Point B! Method

A worker bee goes from her starting point to her place of pollination in a concentrated way. She knows where she has to land in order to yield her best fruit. She may make stops along the way, ensuring her final spot is produces the exact outcome she wants.

I take this same approach.

We look at what you want and need to accomplish and work through the process in a strategic way that addresses your exact situation and primes you to yield the outcome you are looking for.

Point A

Point B!

Identify — Work — Analyze –Refine — Execute — B! Present

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