The 1:1 Hive Experience

Get personal and real intense with your 1:1 consulting and training with Bren

The Hive Experience was created to provide you with the methods and tools you need to get to Point B! with precision and without any interruptions. I will privately work with you to brand and build your voice both digitally and on camera so that you can effectively perform and deliver your message to the audiences you are trying to reach.

The program and work are designed especially for you to meet you where you are and take you where you are looking to be. We’ll reach your goals through an 8-week program or a hyper-intensive VIP day with at the Beehive Studio.

Gain maximum information you need to shine by working intimately with me and other Hive Experts (when necessary) in one of two ways:

1:1 Hive Experience


This format is curated to offer you the flexibility of spreading out the material and workload on a weekly basis. We will pre-schedule weekly conference calls (video via Skype is highly recommended) where you’ll spend a dedicated 60-90 minutes working through your course. I will always lead the course and encourage questions throughout the conversation.

After each course, you will walk away with new material and information to process and assignments to work on which I will review the following week.

In sum, the 8-week intensive includes:

  • Custom-tailored curriculum 
  • Follow-up notes for each session 
  • Worksheets and assignments for each session 
  • Assistant with brand activation 
  • Weekly email follow-up to check in on your progress 
  • Access to the Beehive Collective Community on Facebook 
  • Free tips, resource recommendation, etc. via my weekly email 
  • Free attendance to weekly LIVE! Facebook Q + A!
  • Access to work during 1 session with a Hive Expert ($400 value)
We will start at your Point A and get you to Point B! An example of some of the information and material we’ll cover during our exclusive time together includes:


Global Message

Identifying your MVP audience

How are you and your brand unique

Monetize Like a Pro

Have a follow-up question? Need clarification?

No problem at all.

I will always be available via email in between sessions to keep you motivated and on track to accomplishing your goals.


Our Hive Day is an intense, 1-day studio visit where we do hands-on work together! You’ll physically enter the Beehive and get personal, face-to-face working time. This full-day approach is geared towards individuals who prefer to learn and practice with tangible assets and where the effect of live feedback is most impactful.

The VIP Hive day is curated to be a remarkable experience that focuses on you and you alone. From time-to-time, depending on the course you’re enrolled in, I’ll invite professional guest experts who will join me to supplement and add to your training.

My work as a bilingual brand influencer and on-air personality has allowed me to penetrate and understand a variety of domestic and international markets. As such, I am willing to travel to you and provide you with the same personalized, 1:1 experience in your personal work environment.

I work with a fantastic group of experts in my respective areas of expertise who are thrilled to join you on your journey to brand excellence or dynamic on-air presence.

Live Workshop
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