Live Workshop Experience

Are you in D.C., Atlanta or NY?

Do you prefer to work in person and in an intimate group setting with the ability to ask questions and get direct answers from my team of industry experts and myself?

I’d love for you to join me in hometown of Washington, D.C. (and other cities on specified dates) for exclusive and intimate workshops where I laser-focus on you and your needs.

Whether you’re signing up for Point B! Personal Branding, Media Training or Book Publishing, the workshops are designed to offer you a condensed and fast-track version of  the same information as the 1:1 Hive Experience and the Masterclasses but at a much more cost-effective price point.

The workshops allow us to spend in person time together as we collectively get started on your journey in branding, media training or book publishing. I designed the workshop experience in a way that supports and encourages group activity, “brain-picking” sessions with other attendees and makes room for general ideas and concepts to be explored but can be extremely valuable to your personal needs.

Set in a very intimate, cozy and productive environment, the workshops will actively engage you in practical assignments that help you get to know and understand the process. You will hear real challenges and how other business owners recovered quickly.

You will hear real success stories.

I will walk you through the process and inspire you work with more intention and passion to get to Point B!

Each workshop will address and hone in on the skills and assets needed to get you started and continue buzzing, no matter what creative or media space you’re in.


From time to time, an industry expert I currently work with will join us at our live workshops. While the workshop topics will vary, each one will benefit from an expert relevant to that topic. I’ve tapped into an excellent hive of talented professionals who are excited to help you in your process.

My friends and colleagues in brand strategy, TV (executives, producers and on-air talent) and  media publishing industries will do mini breakout sessions to assess and answer question, giving you added value in resources and information.

The Collective Experts


Nick Chiles

Writer and Author


Producer and Television Executive

A live workshop is for you if any of the following resonate:

  • You like and thrive from the energy a group setting offers.
  • You don’t need 8 weeks of a course but know you need valuable information that will be supplemental to what you’re already doing.
  • You’re ready to invest in the 1:1 Hive Experience or Masterclass 3 months from now so you want to get a headstart with the information.
  • You are serious about your craft a need a star expert to help you figure it out!
  • You know Bren will inspire and motivate you to get it all together!
  • You want to network with other professionals in your respective space
  • You’re really there for the wine, cheese platter, figs, almonds and honey

If only one of these speaks to your needs, I’d love to host you in one of my full day live workshops.

Each workshop will be a busy day with any of the following activities

  • Meet + Greet
  • Panel Conversations
  • Breakout Sessions with Other Experts
  • Hands-on Work + Review
  • Lunch
  • Networking
  • Solutions
  • Q+A
Live Workshop

Attend a Live Workshop Experience


Washington DC


New York City


Atlanta, GA

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